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Questions About Softball Lessons

Is your facility air-conditioned?2017-09-12T02:52:35-08:00

You bet! We like to keep our athletes and their guests comfortable.

How do I schedule a lesson?2017-09-12T02:44:43-08:00

The best way is to send us an appointment request, but you can also give us a call and leave a message at (916) 374-1907.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?2017-09-12T02:46:17-08:00

If you have equipment you prefer to practice with you can bring it, however we can provide equipment for those who need it.

Should I wear cleats or tennis shoes to my lesson?2017-09-12T02:45:51-08:00

Please wear tennis shoes, our facility is indoors and cleats may cause damage. Also, for safety purposes, you will not be allowed to take lessons if you are not wearing closed-toed shoes.

What if I don’t seem to click with a certain instructor — can I switch?2017-09-12T02:50:52-08:00

We always want you to be happy and get the most out of your lesson as possible. We understand if you for some reason just don’t click with a certain instructor; we won’t be the least bit offended if you want to try switching to a different member of our staff. Don’t hesitate to ask or schedule with a different instructor.

Can parents/guardians/friends watch?2017-09-12T02:51:35-08:00

Of course. There is limited room for viewing, but you’re more than welcome and we have plenty of chairs. We encourage all parents/guardians/friends to come watch and support their athlete. Also, if you’re able, we really appreciate it when spectators feed balls into the machine. It really helps us out by allowing us to fully concentrate on the athlete.

Can I come to my lesson alone?2017-09-12T02:51:59-08:00

Of course. Although we always appreciate someone coming to help feed balls or warm up the athlete’s arm, it is completely fine to come without a helper.

Questions About College Prep Program

How do I sign up for the College Prep Program?2017-09-12T02:54:57-08:00

If you are an existing student taking lessons with us, simply talk to your instructor about your desire to enroll. If you are new to the All-American Softball School, we encourage you to submit an appointment request for a consultation call with Kelly Jackson, or just give us a call and leave a message at (916) 374-1907.  We would like to talk with you and evaluate the athlete’s skill level first so as to ensure her success in the program.

How successful is the College Prep Program in helping athletes attain scholarships and get placed on college softball teams?2017-09-12T02:54:39-08:00

The All-American Softball School College Prep Program is the only one of its kind and because of that we have built strong relationships with college softball coaches across the country. Last year, 100% of our athletes were placed in college teams, and were offered over $600,000 in scholarships. You can read more about our success stories here.

Questions About Our
Online Store and On-Site Pro Shop

Can you order a product for me if you don’t normally carry it?2017-09-12T02:57:11-08:00

Of course. Please contact us with your request so we can get all of the details exactly right

May I purchase uniforms through you?2017-09-12T02:56:54-08:00

Absolutely! Please contact us with your request so we can get all of the details exactly right.

Do you have bats and/or other equipment I can try before I buy?2017-09-12T02:57:42-08:00

Yes we do. We demo almost all the bats we carry in the pro shop. Anything you want to try, just ask, and we’ll see what we can do.

May I visit your Pro Shop to purchase products?2017-09-12T02:56:22-08:00

Of course. Our hours may vary, so please call (916) 374-1907 ahead of time if you are coming to visit our shop. Typically, between the hours of 1PM – 6PM, Monday through Friday are a good bet, but we may be busy teaching lessons.

If I have questions or need help using your online store, what do I do?2017-09-12T02:56:04-08:00

You can give us a call at (916) 374-1907 and leave a message. Someone will return your call to help you out as soon as they are able.

For the online store, how does it work?2017-09-12T02:55:46-08:00

Shopping is easy! You can shop for items from the comfort of your own home and still get the same great products you would find in our stores. Just select the item you would like and follow the checkout instructions. We will ship your items to you or you can choose to pick them up at our facility. Payment methods include Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

Do you have an in-person or online store for athletic equipment?2017-09-12T02:55:31-08:00

We have both. You can visit the All-American Softball School storefront on Amazon by clicking here. Our Pro Shop is located at our facility.

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