May I visit your Pro Shop to purchase products?

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Of course. Our hours may vary, so please call (916) 374-1907 ahead of time if you are coming to visit our shop. Typically, between the hours of 1PM - 6PM, Monday through Friday are a good bet, but we may be busy teaching lessons.

For the online store, how does it work?

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Shopping is easy! You can shop for items from the comfort of your own home and still get the same great products you would find in our stores. Just select the item you would like and follow the checkout instructions. We will ship your items to you or you can choose to pick them up at [...]

How do I sign up for the College Prep Program?

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If you are an existing student taking lessons with us, simply talk to your instructor about your desire to enroll. If you are new to the All-American Softball School, we encourage you to submit an appointment request for a consultation call with Kelly Jackson, or just give us a call and leave a message at (916) [...]

How successful is the College Prep Program in helping athletes attain scholarships and get placed on college softball teams?

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The All-American Softball School College Prep Program is the only one of its kind and because of that we have built strong relationships with college softball coaches across the country. Last year, 100% of our athletes were placed in college teams, and were offered over $600,000 in scholarships. You can read more about our success stories here.

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